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The Kinkowan(Which call Kinko bay) Paddle Challenge is a race held in Kinkowan, which is a very safe slope for the ocean race. As shown in the figure, the northwest of the seasonal wind (winter) is used and the wind is received from the back, and the speed is faster than the wave. It can be said that this is an advanced race for those who have reached the speed of the flat that is usually rowed, with an average speed of about 10 km as a guideline in Kinko Bay. Participants bring crafts that can withstand those weather conditions (rentals are also available), and it is more important to pick up even one trailer and to navigate to the destination rather than rowing fast. .. If you can not row based on the above, you will not be able to return to the course and you will be baptized with cold water. Although there is a lot of fun to learn in the flat paddle other than the fored stroke, this downwind category is an advanced race that you can enjoy by making full use of weather conditions and navigation.

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